Your Pets – Wonderful Ways They Can Help Raise Money For Charity

Someone was really thinking here when trying to devise ways of helping the animals. Our shelters are overflowing with unwanted, discarded pets, and the shelters barely have enough money to feed them.

Another brilliant idea, and possibly even better than the Pasadena Humane Society's idea, is having your pet's photo (pets only, no humans please) showcased in a calendar. To know more about the best animal charity organization via

In Brevard county, san Diego, the local humane society has been accepting pictures of people's beloved pets for years and putting them in a calendar as part of their fundraising campaign. There are, of course, the 12 pictures representing each month, but just to make sure Fido or Fluffy doesn't get left out – after all, there are oodles of pictures submitted each year – there is a place on the front of the calendar for the lucky pet selected for that coveted spot and also a memorial page and a Paws of Distinction. But wait, it doesn't stop there.

They have many pages, the numbers of which are growing each year, for everybody's pet's picture. Well, everybody who submits a donation of ten dollars with each picture, of course. After all, this is their biggest yearly fundraiser.

My beautiful pets, (and so much prettier than other people's pets, of course) have been in almost every calendar since the calendar's inception. Of course, you know the judges must have a little trouble with their eyesight because my lovelies have never made it on the monthly pages!

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