Why You Need An Automatic Pool Cover

The automatic pool cover is usually a type of vinyl material and is powered by a motor running on a roller device. Therefore, smooth, safe opening and closing without much trouble or manual labor. You can also buy the best automatic pool covers for your pool through various websites.

The best thing about automatic pool covers is their ease of use and safety, with just a push of a button or turning the key the cover starts to retract, roll and disappear. Due to the tight barrier between the pool and the surface, the pool cover protects against all unwanted debris.

It saves time and money

The upfront cost for an automatic pool cover, for a new pool or pool upgrade, varies depending on the individual size, model, or design. While a pool cover can add to your initial budget, over time you'll end up spending less money on maintenance.

For a little peace of mind with small children or pets, the automatic cover is strong, durable, and secure. This saves the trouble and sweat of physically lifting or changing the pool cover before or after each use.

Other benefits and savings

In addition to energy savings, safety, and clean water in swimming pools, automatic pool cover offer the following advantages, according to the Ministry of Energy:

Since evaporation is responsible for 30-50 percent of pool water loss, a pool cover will reduce the amount of extra water needed for a successful swim. The use of chemicals in the pool will also be reduced by 35-60 percent. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money on swimming pool accessories.

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