Why Is Complete Document Destruction So Important?

Each document ranges from creation to storage and destruction. Complete document destruction is an important part of document and file management and can prevent economic crimes such as identity theft.

Individuals and companies are potential sources of sensitive and confidential information that must be destroyed safely.

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And that information can be anything from driver's license information, employee records, credit card receipts, signed contracts to baggage tags.

If any of this information ends up in your trash or gets worse, the dump page becomes fair game for anyone who finds it.

What is identity theft?

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Identification theft is a fast-growing organized crime and multibillion dollar industry that uses specialized infrastructure, highly specialized equipment, and world-class skills to create fake identities.

Yes, we live in a digital age and computer hacking is a big deal for most of us, but don't underestimate what can be achieved with information gleaned from physical paper.

The scary thing is that people in this "industry" need a little information to steal your identity and gain access to your bank account.

What type of information is used for identity theft?

• Receipts for ATMs and bank statements

• Canceled checks

• Investment documents

• All documents containing maiden names

• Travel plans

• Documents with passwords or PIN numbers

• Information about driver's license

• Address labels for magazines

• Work files

• Credit card accounts

• Fish plates

• Passports and visas have expired

• IDs as badges to identify military employees and personal documents

• All legal documents

• Copy of birth certificate

• Used airplane tickets

• Investment transactions

• Signed documents such as contracts and letters

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