Why Choose a Solar Hot Water Heater System?

Homeowners often ask a boiler system installer what advantages solar energy has over gas and electric hot water systems. This usually leads to lengthy conversations between the plumber and the landlord because this question is not easy to answer.

The benefits (sometimes none) depend on the type of system the homeowner has at present, the type of energy source available to the house during installation, the local climate, available water supply, available attic space and available orientation and available tank space.

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The most important consideration, however, is the needs of the home owner, and then their budget will weigh according to their expectations.

There are so many sizes and types of solar water heating systems that almost any need can be met at any time. This is the simplest part of the answer that can be given.

Budget and expectations problems occur when customers and installers rely on each other to make the right choices. Most solar hot water systems are much cheaper to operate than other types of systems. The initial cost of converting to solar energy is usually twice the cost of using gas and three to four times the cost of replacing an electric heater with an electric heater.

Hence the higher maintenance costs for solar energy must be taken into account. Homeowners should also be aware that the more energy efficient and environmentally friendly the system is, the higher the installation and maintenance costs.

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