When Food And Photography Meet

Photographing food may be one of the most challenging types of photography out there. This is considered difficult by most professional food photographers because there are time constraints in the whole photo shoot.

And because the marketing of food itself depends especially on how it can be seen in print media, food photographers must be well trained and skilled to produce satisfying results. You can choose the Professional Cocktail Photography at Frey Soh Photography for your business.

Tip in the photography of the appetite food

1. Know your camera well. It is a must you familiarize yourself with all its features and functions, especially basic operations such as automatic focus/focus, exposure compensation, white balance, image resolution and size, and flash mode operations. Know when to use these features to highlight the best angle of your subject.

2. Get used to yourself with other equipment. Knowing the use of the right tripod or stabilizer will help you focus more on your subject and will also avoid shaking the camera which usually causes blurry.

3. Fill the gap and distance. If the space and time allow, close to your subject as close as possible. It is recommended that you fill the entire frame with your subject to make a satisfying image. Distance will give a full view of the texture and food ingredients.

4. Identification of prominent materials. Before taking the opportunity, judge the scene carefully and look for something that can immediately attract people's attention. You can use the main features of this food as your subject.

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