When does Your Truck Need Maintenance?

When you maintain your vehicle regularly, small issues can be identified earlier and serious problems are prevented. A good condition of your vehicle will enable you to run a profitable and safe business. You can search online to get the best commercial vehicle inspection from experts.

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Everyday inspection should be a component of your maintenance schedule. Your truck should be inspected both inside and out. 

Here's a list of your daily inspection:

Overview of the whole vehicle

Check for fluid levels as well as leaks of fluid and belts, batteries, wiring, and the compressor.

In the cab, start the engine, examine gauges and controls. Also, look at the function of the windshield, washers and wipers windows, mirrors and windows, Emergency equipment. Test the air brake and check the steering, then look in the logbook.

Check the lights' high and low beams' Four-way flashers.

Walk around and check tires turning signals, wheels couplings, fifth wheel the landing gear and brakes sliders, axles, fuel tanks, spare tire as well as the exhaust system and cargo security and suspension.

Check signal lights

The condition of your vehicle is governed by federal law that calls for the submission of a report of inspection every day. The report has to be signed by the mechanic doing repairs to verify that the vehicle was fixed. The report contains an inventory of things to be checked after each working day.


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