What Is An Electronic Brake Controller?

The trailer electric brake controller is a device that supplies power from the vehicle to the trailer electric brakes when the vehicle brakes are applied. Every trailer with electric brakes requires a brake controller to activate the brakes. 

You should check your state's laws to see if the trailer you're trying to tow requires electronic controls. You can also get information about electronic trailer brakes through the web.

Trailer Brake

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We examined several types of brake control; time activated and motion detection or proportional. Here we will take a closer look at the proportional controller.

If you tow trailers regularly, proportional brake control may be your best bet. These types of regulators usually cost a little more and can be a little larger than a timed regulator depending on the brand you choose, but for smoother and more predictable braking, proportional regulators have a better design and features. 

The basic design includes dual solid-state accelerometers. The accelerometer can measure the gravity and deceleration of towing vehicles. Regardless of how they are installed and how steep the slope is, this type of controller can determine up and down. 

When the vehicle slows down, the controller applies proportional stress to the trailer brakes. The faster the delay, the more voltage is applied. Voltage is applied evenly to all trailers.

The main advantage of this design is that the proportional controller immediately sends maximum power to the trailer brakes in situations where the driver must apply maximum brake pressure.

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