Tips For Newborn Babies Care

First of all, congrats on your little baby. No matter if you're a first-time mom or a second-timer you are, it is a joy to hold your sweet baby girl with you.

Newborn baby responsibility and safety are the activities and precautions recommended for new parents or caregivers.

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Here are a couple of observations that you'll anyway lookup on the net or check with a trusted friend or relative. These are a help nevertheless. Here goes:

• The right massage oil for baby

Are 3-4 different oils stacked up in the baby's closet? Really, which oil to use is the question that bothers all of us. So what's the answer? Firstly, never mix oils while massaging her. Maybe you're thinking it will double the benefits. But no. Nothing of the sort will happen.

An easy guide is: Olive Oil and Mustard Oil are ideal for winters; Ayurveda Oils are gentler; Almond Oil is healthy for skin and hair but is expensive; Coconut Oil has antibacterial properties and may be used liberally on bums too for avoiding nappy rash.

• Stomach ache

The way babies cry their hearts out when their stomachs ache makes every parent shed buckets of tears as well. You'll know it when the baby cries a lot and just won't be soothed. Ideally, you should make her burp and avoid flatulence-inducing foods like refined flour, sweets, etc. 

But in case the baby is crying non-stop consult your doctor and give appropriate medicine in the dosage prescribed by the Doc. You could also apply a paste of Asafoetida around her navel – not on it. You could also fold her legs and press her knees gently on her chest.

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