Three Key Aspects of a Sprint Planning Meeting

There are three key elements to consider when planning a fruitful sprint planning meeting.

  • preparation
  • mechanics
  • negotiation

1. Preparation

Well, preparation is done before planning. However, that is the most important. Caring for the accumulated product is the main part of the preparation. Maintaining product build helps the team and product owner with this. You can learn more about planning agile- sprint planning via

Get a solid understanding of items with product accumulation, especially those at the top. Save valuable time in sprint planning meetings. You can avoid lengthy and often painful discussions. Understand and prepare resource requirements.

Sprint planning is a confluence of time. The team should discuss, understand, and agree on the sprint goals in this period. He had to find the original sprint backlog. 

The scrum team will have a hard time completing the discussion if it is not well prepared. He will struggle to agree on the scope of the sprint.

2. Negotiation

The Product Owner wants certain elements of the Product Lag to be resolved in the next Sprint. He wanted to make sure that the project remained a reality. The product owner presents his ideas and requirements during the sprint.

3. Mechanics

The sprint planning meeting is a critical meeting. So the entire Scrum team participates in the meeting. That means Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team (developers). The Scrum Master supports this meeting.

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