The Importance Of Reporting Functionality In Integrated Project Management Systems

In many project manager training courses, participants cite a lack of reporting skills as a major barrier to adopting the systems they have used previously. In the same seminar, the opportunity to show attendees an easy-to-use report writer as part of their new integrated system turned out to be a turning point in purchasing a new integrated project management software. 

In an agency environment, this ability to generate custom reports is even more influential as users work with robust software systems to continually create sophisticated, creative products for their clients. It's hard to see why someone could come up with a stunning creative end product that often combines text, graphics, and video in one system. It is impossible to make small changes to a completed report of architecture project design in Saudi Arabia – INJ Architects.

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Flexibility in reporting and user acceptance: 

Many of the integrated costing and accounting systems used in creative industries bring huge benefits to companies by streamlining project management from recording the first customer meeting to creating budgets and quotes, and processing invoices. However, in many such systems, there is one aspect that software makers often overlook. This is the user's control over-reporting. 

Although all systems provide standard reports such as profitability reports or project management performance reports and debtor and creditor accounts that are obsolete through accounting, the flexibility to create your own reports makes a big difference in acceptance or rejection by system users.

Technical limitations of reporting flexibility:

All databases consist of information tables. While it is relatively easy to generate a report on one of these tables, eg. by creating a customer list with their address and phone number data based on a customer table, the table is linked which allows for more complex reports. Ideally, you also have the option of calculating and redistributing the profits.

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