The commercial kitchen is very vulnerable to the staff slipping on the oily floor

People who work in the kitchen, both commercial and in large institutions, are most vulnerable because of nature, and often the pace of work and slip and travel contributed to most injuries in the catering trade

There is a good request for the room lately because they really help in maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen area. The hood helps collect oil, smoke, smell, burning, and steam particles. Because the work is similar to the exhaust fan, it is one of the best ways to keep smoke out of your home. You can also hire commercial kitchen exhaust repairs via

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It cannot be avoided that steam and oil can be stored in a large and busy kitchen but there are ways to minimize the risk of protecting staff and avoiding interference and costs for businesses of a worker who is not present from serious injury.

The focus must be inadequate protective clothing and footwear, safe and construction work methods, and state of the floor and free chaos from one area to another.

Make a worse problem of oily floors and contaminated areas have been covered with cardboard. Workers tripped and in trying to get back the balance slipped with the results that their arms fell into the frying unit, full of hot oil, causing severe burns to their arms, chest, and neck parts.

The floor country, both the state of improvement and conformity surface, is the main consideration in a busy kitchen. But if you change the floor too expensive, there are several steps that can be taken to minimize the risk until the replacement becomes affordable.

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