The Advantages Of Water Softening And Filtration System Installation

If people are looking to improve the look and taste of their water, they could install a water softener as well as a filter at home. These systems can address many water problems. Whole-house water softening and filtration system as its name suggests softens and filters the water throughout the home.

In general, it's composed of a tank with various layers of media each one serving to serve a specific purpose. The majority of these systems have an activated carbon layer and ion exchange resin and special gravel.

The filtration component is comprised of activated carbon and layers of gravel. The softener component is comprised of resin. Alongside the media tank, it is equipped with a backflush tank in which potassium or sodium chloride is put to wash the resin and allow it to do its work.

The activated carbon found in these systems can absorb diverse contaminants, including chlorine. These pollutants are absorbed by the tiny pores that surround carbon particles.

Below the activated carbon, is where a layer of ion exchange resin can be located. It is a chemical process in which solids that are insoluble and removed from a solution are replaced by ions with a similar charge.

In the case of water softening, magnesium, as well as calcium ions present in the water that is introduced into the house, are replaced by sodium and potassium ions that are attached to the resin beads.

Below this resin lies an additional layer of gravel which assists in removing pollutants that remain as well as polishing water.

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