Simple Ways to Maximize Shungite for Healing

From protecting against emphysema, to balancing your mental and emotional states, to purifying your water, we are here to tackle the benefits of shungite and how you can use it every day to purify your sacred self.

Purify your water: use shungite to purify your water. Rinse the shungite stone with warm, soap-free water and add 100 grams per 1 liter of water. You can also look for shungite water kit online.

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Soak for 24-72 hours. It is scientifically proven that shungite can purify water within 24 to 72 hours. Shungite can clean bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and pharmaceuticals from water.

Block EMF: Purchase a piece of shungite specially made for your phone case to help protect your sleep. Artificial electromagnetic field exposure can disrupt our natural electromagnetic system in our own bodies. The heart, brain and mitochondria in particular are the most vulnerable. Emf is found in almost all electronic devices, but the more dangerous ones are UV rays, X-rays and gamma rays.

Take it with you: Life can get crazy enough without being exposed to EMF. These pocket stones help me to balance my worries and to emphasize that everyday life can bring me down and they protect you from all the empiricism you are sure to face.

Keep your vase clean: I love flowers, but I hate handling dirty water and cleaning the vase every few days. I was even skeptical about this trick, but decided it was really worth a try, so I tested it last week and it worked!

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