Sales Marketing Tips For Small Plumbing And Heating Companies

In order for a small business to succeed, it will need to have a regular supply of customers and clients. This is necessary for the plumbing and heating companies in Surrey who rely solely upon just a few employees to make sure all of the day's work gets done. You can get more information about plumbing and heating companies in surrey at

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These are Three useful tips that should help small and independent business owners stay competitive in the plumbing and heating in Surrey.

1.  Decide your price marks early and try to avoid raising your prices, especially when your doors haven't been open for very long.  Sticking to the price you have quoted is one of the best ways to win your customer over.  If extra charges might be suffering, let your customer know well ahead of time and let them decide if they want the extra work to be done.

2.  Keeping your customers happy is your very first priority. If you keep your customers happy with you and your work, they will recommend your services to their friends and colleagues.  Positive "word of mouth" is the most valuable business asset a small business can have.  One of the best ways to make your customers happy is to "go the extra mile" with them-discounts, extra services, etc.

3.  Understand that marketing is about strategy and not a quick fix to a budget problem.  It takes time and commitment. Your marketing strategy should be obvious in everything that you and your employees do (business cards, employee uniforms, logo on company transportation, letterhead, giveaways).  


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