Refinishing Wood Furniture In The UK

Wooden furniture can be a great addition to any home. It is also a source of pride when you restore pieces yourself. As with any piece of furniture, all tastes are different and suit different interiors. There are some companies that provide the best wood furniture rejuvenate services in the UK.

First of all, you need a project. These can be parts that are already owned (requires a bit of maintenance), or can be purchased through several sources – try a local garage/yard sale; thrift or charity stores; advertising, or even online through a number of classifieds and auctions.

The important note here – This could be as simple as sanding and light finishing, or it could involve some minor repairs (re-recording some loose grout). As noted above, the wood is pretty forgiving – and a bit of good old-fashioned sandpaper and a little elbow grease can fix the odd glitch!

Learn – from other people, from books, the Internet. Today information is everywhere – online forums are another great place to get inspiration. They provide access to like-minded people and often to industry experts.

Do you have some basic tools – a screwdriver; hammer; drill; some brackets, the list goes on – and most are limited by your budget, but you can get around this with some basic hand tools and the right repaint tools (sandpaper, brush, rag). 

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