Piercing Aftercare Information To Follow

Getting piercing is a fun and exhilarating experience. Some people plan their piercing, others make a quick decision. Whatever your path, taking proper care of your new piercing is the key to successful healing!

Here are some tips and tricks for all piercings. Please read these instructions carefully and follow them accordingly. If you have an oral piercing, read on to find your specific instructions. You can also use piercing aftercare spray 3oz.

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Here's what you need to do to keep your piercing clean:

Each piercing is a little different, but the main thing is to keep it clean! We can't stress enough the importance of keeping your piercing clean and bacteria-free. Whenever you have an open wound, you are susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

First things first: Always wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning or touching your piercing for any reason. Touching your piercing with dirty hands is absolutely the worst thing you can do to your piercing. You run the risk of germs and bacteria that will damage your piercing and prevent it from healing.

Gently lather around the piercing. Avoid using heavy soaps or soaps that contain dyes or fragrances.

Rinse thoroughly to remove soap residue from the piercing. There is no need to twist jewelry through the piercing. This can add additional trauma to the piercing while it is trying to heal. 

Dry your piercing by gently dabbing it with a clean, disposable paper product. Towels can harbor bacteria and detect jewelry, which can cause injury.

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