Ohaus Voyager Pro Balances

As a leader in the electronic scales and scales industry, Ohaus Balances and Scales offers a range of scales with surprisingly intelligent performance. Voyager Pro balances are the ideal choice when your app needs more than standard balances. You can also buy different Ohaus balances by visiting this website

Give the right balance

The Ohaus Voyager Pro Series analytical and precision balances are designed to provide precise weighing applications in laboratory, school, industrial and commercial settings. 

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Whether calculating the density of solids and liquids or determining the difference between initial and residual weights, Voyager-pro can provide stable and accurate results, eliminating errors in manual calculations and data logging.

Ohaus Voyager Pro weighing scale with various features and functions

The Ohaus Voyager-Pro analytical balance is available in 4 analytical models with different capacities (62 to 210 g) and 0.1 mg readability for maximum accuracy. The Voyager Pro precision balance, with a very simple and innovative user interface, is available with capacities up to 210 g and readability (1 mg to 0.1 g).

Other standard features of the Ohaus Voyager Pro Series analytical and precision balances include:

Advanced software includes statistics, formulation, differential weighing, statistical quality control, density determination, and pipette calibration.

With the right combination of performance and features, the Ohaus VoyagerPro offers superior performance for all your basic weighing needs. Whatever Voyager Pro scale model you're looking for, you can buy it from any laboratory equipment supplier. 

Many dealers also offer repaired or used models. Buying a good quality used and reconditioned scale will result in significant savings compared to buying a new scale.

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