Locking Your New Home With Bluetooth Locks

You just moved into a new house or apartment. The last thing to worry about is the key, right? Not true. Most DIY enthusiasts use building keys. This is a lock with two combinations.

The first combination is used when the house is being built. Keys are given to all subcontractors so they can enter the house. When the lock is closed, someone enters the user key into the lock. This will render the first combination inoperable and make the second combination, your combination, work.

In a perfect world with perfect keys, this can work. Any lock with more than one combination has a less secure design. Electronic locks are cheaper and have additional features. Integration into your home automation system, alarm system, or both.

Electronic locks have come a long way over the past year. You can communicate via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks. You can also call the experts to get the best bluetooth locks services.

Their best function is access control. You control who has access to your home. It stores incoming and outgoing information with date and time. This is precisely when your daughter returns from the date.

Ensure that locks are installed on all exterior doors, including your garage door. Some builders make this an option, if so, take it. Once you have guarded your keys, it is time to think about the alarm system. They are offered by full-service alarm dealers, large-box stores, and do-it-yourself alarm companies (available online).

As with any security, it's better to be proactive and think about these things before settling down.

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