Local SEO Strategy – Things You Can Do Today to Drive Traffic

Local businesses want to leverage search engines like Google to drive traffic to and through their websites. Research shows that 60 to 70 percent of in-store purchases begin with an online survey. 

For small businesses, this is a great opportunity to grow your business with an effective local SEO campaign. Below are strategies you can adopt today to kickstart your business and build authority with SEO campaigns and dominate your competition.

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1 – List your company on Google Places:- List your company on Google Places and confirm. This is a fantastic place to start your local SEO campaign.

2- Get feedback:- A big factor in Google's decision on how listings are ranked on Google Places seems to be the amount of ratings that ads have. The more reviews, the better your changes at the top. A great way to get feedback from current and past customers is to ask in your email, for example, to include a link in an email newsletter or a link from your email signature.

3 – Create Links to Your Google Place Pages:- Just like linking to your website, linking to your Google Places Pages is a good idea. This gives Google an indication that your ad and business are highly relevant to your chosen keyword phrase. It makes you an authority in your industry and geographic location.

By implementing the local SEO strategies above, you are heading in the right direction to bring your business to the top of search results and increase your company's presence in your local market.

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