Land for Sale Website In Bend Oregon

Why use a land sale site to advertise land? Typically, most real estate agents specialize in selling homes. This is because the residential property is the dominant real estate sale and apartments tend to sell faster than land.


Homes sell faster because, even in a weak market, there are more home buyers than land buyers. However, this means that most brokers and the MLS or multi-listing services they use are aimed at advertising and selling homes.

You can browse here for land for sale services in Bend Oregon.

Land requires a different approach than homes because there are many variable characteristics and values of land that have little or no application when selling a home. Some, but not all, are; Timber values, road edges, land location or topography, land use, zoning, wildlife and hunting species, mineral claims, etc.

Real estate sites tend to emphasize this feature, allowing online shoppers to look for it where it doesn't have or minimizing this opportunity. Some are not even looking for land to sell, which is not very useful! Therefore, land sellers or property owners should consider using land sales to market their property or home.

Some property sales sites actually post real estate listings on other classified real estate sites like HGTV Front Door, Poodle, Vast, and social sites like Twitter and Facebook. The best are also indexed in the top 10 on Google or other search engines for top search terms such as land for sale, which is used in a high percentage of searches for land buyers.

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