Know About The Flare Stack Monitoring In Detail

Many industries use a stack of flares to burn a by-product of unwanted waste gas or flammable gas released by pressure towing valves during an unplanned factory equipment emphasis. Applications include oil and gas drilling operations, oil refineries, chemical process factories, gas distribution infrastructure, and landfills. 

In many cases, regulations require monitoring of stacks, or the flame of pilots that turn on the gas, to avoid non-burning hydrocarbons entering the atmosphere. The thermal imaging camera distinguishes between hot signatures of flares and surrounding environments. You can get the flare smokestack inspection service that should follow an established procedure, regular schedule, and the proper health and safety regulations.

How To Properly Inspect - Flare Stack Guy Wire Inspection Services

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The camera can be positioned to monitor not only fire stacks but also flame. The camera is installed on the structure in a weather-resistant housing. The response of calibration and spectral allows them to get clear images and measure the temperature of the stack of flares or pilot. Even flares are not visible to the naked eye clearly seen in thermal images.

Specific ability:

  • Gas Detection: A very sensitive detector with a low false alarm level
  • Gas Quantification & Concentration: Specifies the rate of mass and PPM-M gas
  • Monitoring Flare: Monitoring real-time performance with initial fluid detection
  • Flash detection: A reliable tool for image measurement and clear temperature
  • Thread-Flame Thermography: Accurate temperature measurement through fire
  • Flare Efficiency: Smoke Index Warning Index, Destruction and Indicator of Removal Efficiency

System Solution Component

Optical gas imaging cameras are integrated with Viperoptic software that directly communicates with most industrial platform controllers. The software will analyze and compare data on predetermined parameters and will trigger an alarm if guaranteed. This parameter can be adjusted based on specific application requirements.

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