Know About the Basic Principles of Web Design Services

Website design does not only need to attract but also search engine friendly to increase site visibility with the best. There are several basic steps for SEO friendly web design services. In the following paragraph, we discuss some of the most important elements of web design services that fit SEO.

  • Interesting titles

In SEO friendly web design services, it is very important to enter the title tag and a unique description on each page. The major search engine displays 65 to 67 the first character of the title and therefore the page title should not be more than 67 characters (with spaces). You can find a premier web design company in Michigan from various web sources.

SEO friendly web design services also emphasize the use of header tags (H1, H2, and H3 tags). Emphasizing keyphrases phrases with header tags helps increase keyword relevance and helps search engines to get knowledge about page content.

  • 'Alt' Tag

In SEO friendly web design services, the tag 'alt' is used for images to keep textual information out of the image. Search engine spiders cannot recognize images and tags 'Alt' help spiders by giving them information about images, allowing them to index. The targeted keyword is used in the 'Alt' tag.

  • CSS Navigation and CSS Style sheets

Navigation Dropdown CSS and CSS style sheets are the two most important practices in web design services according to SEO. Unlike Flash and Javascript, CSS navigation makes text can be indicated and indexed by search engine spiders.

CSS navigation helps search engine spiders to index the information used in the navigation menu and also helps spiders to follow the hyperlink used on the site page. Thus the Navigation drop-down CSS menu is used to get better visibility in search engine crafters.

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