How Tree & Shrub Fertilization Services Done By Arborist

The majority of trees and shrubs require regular maintenance. However, it is worth using pruners once a year to trim unwanted growth or tidy the overall shape. For some species, like bay, trimming will be more necessary during the growing season. 

Camellias and other flowering shrubs like camellias need to be deadheaded once their flowers begin to fade. Repotting permanent specimen plants is necessary every couple of years. If possible, move them into a larger container or report in the same container. It is important to find the best tree and shrub fertilization services for your trees.

tree and shrub fertilization

First, arborists need to take the plant out of its pot. This is not an easy task with large plants. However, it will be easier if the pot is pulled on its side. The arborist removes the compost around the root ball with your fingers and trims the roots around the pot's base. 

Place some compost in the bottom of the container and place the specimen at the same height as before. To eliminate any air pockets, gently push the fresh compost down along the sides of your root ball.

As the climber grows, it may be necessary for you to tie it in. Although most compost soil mixes include fertilizer, they will expire after six weeks. Arborists either give your plants a liquid fertilizer each time you water them or add slow-release fertilizer to the compost every spring. 

The tree service company will show the homeowner any trees that might be harmful to other grasses and plants in the yard. After they have examined your trees and identified any diseases, they will inform you so that you can get them treated. A tree service will be called in when the trees are beginning to bud or becoming dormant.

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