How To Find A Roller Door That’s Right For You

When it comes to selecting the right roller door for your business, there are a few things you need to consider. First, what is the purpose of the door? If the door is used to admit pedestrians or traffic, then a heavy duty roller door may be more appropriate.You can contact Garage Doors Installation & Repairs in Albury & Wodonga via eGarage Systems .

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How to choose the right brand

1. Look for a reputable brand. The best way to ensure that your roller door will be a quality purchase is to select a brand that is well-known and has a good reputation. Brands like Clopay and Sears have a long history of producing high-quality products, so you can be sure that they’ll deliver on their promises with your new door.

2. Consider the features you need. When choosing a roller door, make sure to consider the features that are important to you. Some popular features include security features, such as sensors that automatically close the door when someone enters or leaves; weather protection, such as an automatic seal against rain or snow; and water resistance, which helps prevent

Types of doors:

Manual Doors:

These doors open by hand, typically using a lever or button. They're good for small spaces because they're easy to maneuver, but they can be slow and inconvenient to use. Manual doors are also less secure than automatic and semi-automatic doors because they can't be automatically closed if someone's in the way.

Automatic Doors:

These doors open and close automatically based on a sensor or motion detector. They're generally faster and more secure than manual doors, but they can be more expensive due to the added equipment required. Automatic doors also tend to be larger and require more space than other types of roller doors.

Semi-Automatic Doors:

These doors open partially or automatically depending on the position of a bar or panel inside the door. They're generally faster than automatic doors but less secure because someone can push the bar out of the way to open the door fully.


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