How To Find A Perfect Auto Body Paint Color Match

For a flawless color match for your automobile body paint projects, There are a few important steps that need to be carried out. Although the majority of common automobile colors aren't always matched precisely, choosing the right shade will aid in avoiding blending with a neighboring panel. Pick the correct color the first time asking. You can reduce your painting and consumables costs.

Every mass-manufactured car has a unique color code that could be cross-referenced to an auto body paint shop and permits a mixing formula to be created. The mixing formula is able to measure the weights of the different tinters that are colored and when they are mixed and stirred so that the proper color match is made. However, if you are also looking for paint color correction for your vehicle then visit

How to Know if Your Auto Body Paint Shop Messed Up

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To determine the color code, look through the door openings, the engine bay, or the trunk of your car and find the appropriate sticker, stamp, or badge. Typically, the colored code should be easily indicated and comprise an alphabet and numbers. Note down the color code and bring it to your local paint supplier, and the code will then be matched for a perfect color match.

Before you paint it is always recommended to finish a test for spraying. Inactivate a small amount of paint, and pour it into an HVLP sprayer. Apply three evenly coated coats of color on the test card, leaving the flash-off period to be five minutes between each. After the base color has developed a glossy then apply two coats of lacquer clear, and allow to dry. This will give you a perfectly smooth surface that is able to take the blended colors as well as a clear coating.

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