How the Royal Navy Almost Created Barbados Rum Punch Cocktail?

When long voyages become commonplace, one of the factors facing crew members is drinking water. Significant amounts of fresh drinking water are needed to survive long journeys in harsh conditions. 

At the start of the trip, fresh water is drawn in barrels, but it quickly becomes slimy and uncomfortable. To solve the problem, barrels of beer or wine (alcoholic cocktail) were brought on board, and then brandy, which was given to sailors for "washing" the water. 

The longer the journey, the more significant the problem will be when these barrels are added to the ship's cargo. Rum gradually replaced beer, wine, and brandy as drinks of choice, and the Royal Navy provided every sailor a half-liter of rum a day. 

But sailors are smart people, and many of them spend days gathering their rations, drinking it all at once and get drunk, or "blind drinkers" as we call them on the islands. 

Due to illness and later disciplinary problems, the Royal Navy decided to mix rum with water – half a liter of rum mixed with 2 liters of water and given in two servings twice a day. This made him very unpopular with his people, who disdainfully named the mixture "Grog". 

The term "let's shoot the booze" is used to this day in Barbados, although rum is also mixed with Coca-Cola, ginger, and sparkling water. Orange juice (usually lime or lemon) is added to recipes to make it taste even better.

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