How Healthy Is Organic Wine For You?

If this is you then you may have heard a variety of opinions regarding whether or not wine is beneficial to your health and well-being. Given the multitude of contradicting information, I decided to do some research myself on the subject.

Wine Is Good For You Because…

Research studies suggest that moderate consumption of alcohol (two up to 3 glasses a day) helps reduce cholesterol levels, lower the risk of developing coronary heart disease, and allow us to live longer. clean crafted natural wines is also good for your health disorders. 


Natural Wines: Are They Any Good?

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When consumed in moderation, wine is believed to provide more advantages than other drinks with alcohol. Consider the "French paradox" as an example. The French consume 30 percent greater fat consumption than California however has 40% fewer heart attacks. Some believe the excessive consumption of wine may be the reason. Based on the Wine Institute, the French consume more than 90% more alcohol than Americans. In reality, France has the world's second highest consumption per capita of wine and the second-lowest rate of heart disease.

Wine isn't the only thing that can help prevent heart disease, it can also. A study by a Harvard University researcher and colleagues who enrolled over 81,000 female discovered that the consumption of fluids significantly lowers the risk of kidney stones. 


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