Guide to Lionel Model Trains Track Cleaning

When your Lionel model train railroad tracks seem to be sticking or if they are squeezing, cleaning them is recommended. There are many methods that work and you might want to try them all to find the one that works best for you.

You will be able to use your model trains more often, which will reduce the frequency you need to clean them. You may need to clean the tracks more often if you have a lot of use. You can also find experienced railroad contractors near you.

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A track-cleaning car is available for HO scale trains. The car is filled with light oil, and the engine pulls the track-cleaning vehicle around the track. You should not overfill the track-cleaning car with oil. Oil could spill onto the tracks and scenery.

A small tank is attached to the cars. It has protrusions that rub against the rails and clean them as the train moves along the track. You can use the track-cleaning vehicle often. You may see oxidation on brass tracks. You may need to clean the track more thoroughly if this happens.

After cleaning the tracks with the bar you can rub a soft cloth on the tracks to remove any residue from the cleaner. Regular cleaning of the tracks will ensure that your toy trains run smoothly and you have more time to play than cleaning.

Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your model train tracks. Pacer Technology’s Rail Zip is an excellent cleaner that can be used to clean your track.

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