Guide to Airbrush Tanning

With a myriad of options to get tan on the market, airbrush tanning is increasing in popularity as people look for a more efficient alternative to fake tan or going to the tanning salon.

In its most basic form, airbrush tanning refers to an application of tan in a container that is pushed through a hose with compressed air. As time passes and with the improvement of equipment, airbrush spray tanning has grown in popularity. The color is the extremely real sense as it is applied without a ripple in the color. However, spray tanning is the final step.

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The application for tanning is made up of DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and is blended with a bronzer designed to improve the skin's tone. You'll be able to notice it immediately on your skin when the application is made. This will indicate exactly where the product has been applied so that there aren't any missing spots. The bronzer will last until you bathe or take a shower. The color left is the result of DHA.

Airbrush tanning isn't a colorant that is applied to your skin. Your skin will acquire a natural bronze hue because of a chemical reaction. The darkness of your tan will depend on the concentrations of DHA in the application of tanning. The higher the amount of DHA it contains the darker your tanning will be. DHA is FDA certified and has been used for more than 20 years. There are no adverse side consequences from DHA. The only instances that have been reported by people who are sensitive to it and had skin irritation.


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