GMOs – The Greatest Threat to Health Today

GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms that do not exist in Nature. They are man-made crops and other organisms created by scientists who have taken existing species and replaced parts of the DNA with pesticides and other synthetic ingredients. This is not mutation or cross-breeding – it is selective engineering of genetic material that creates a Pandora's Box of false beings.

On a very basic level, creating GMOs is playing God. No GMO could ever, possibly exist. GMOs are pure science fiction. While some may argue that altered DNA organisms produce benefits, the truth is these are false beings presented to unknowing consumers as real.

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If that doesn't offend you, consider GMO corn – an ingredient in much of the food we eat and the primary food for all livestock raised for human consumption. To create GMO corn, scientists have taken out selective genes in the DNA of corn and replaced them with genes of synthetic pesticides. Yes, pesticides.

Fabricated, poisonous pesticides are what you eat when you eat GMO corn. So that bag of chips you grabbed at the cafeteria, the popcorn you ate at the movies, the thickener in the soup you purchased & the chicken sandwich you had for lunch may ALL be GMOs, laced with pesticides and you had no idea. In fact, at least 58% of our food supply is made with GMOs.

Lobbyists say GMOs are wonderful. They claim crop yields are higher, farmers make more money, and now we can happily feed the entire world with these 'improved' crops. Right? WRONG! If GMOs are so fantastic, why has the European Union banned them? Even China with a terrible history of human rights abuses has rejected GMOs for the safety of its people.

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