Franna Crane Hire For Industrial Job

It is important to understand which crane is right for your project before you hire it. This is especially true if there are many cranes that have different purposes. The Franna crane is one the most widely used cranes in Australia's civil and construction industries. 

It has a similar crane capacity to tractor cranes, but offers greater visibility for crane operators and can drive on regular roads. Hire Franna crane via according to your industry needs.


The crane was invented by Dave Francis, an Australian engineer. He realized the need to create a crane that could pick up heavy equipment, be portable on normal roads and reduce the need for additional equipment or trucks. It's basically a combination of a truck or a crane.

This design allows for the cab to be placed at the front of the crane so that the crane can do more than lift and transport supplies. It also allows the driver to see ahead of the crane and move on construction sites and main roads.

Additional benefits include:

  • Crane mobility

  • They don't require much space

  • It takes significantly less time to set up

  • Heavy load capacity maintained

  • Reaching tight spots is possible with extended reach

  • It can be used in a variety of settings including workshops, construction sites, plant sites, mines, and workshops.

  • Reduce time packing equipment

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