Effective Method For Termite Control

Before you may begin implementing successful pest management , then it's very important to know more about the several kinds of termites which could be discovered at a colony. By understanding these various groupings of termites, you can effectively define and execute a strategy for termite management and you may find more informationto termite control.

There are 3 standard sub-groups inside the termite colony. These include

·         Reproductives

·         Workers

·         Soldiers

The reproductives include the feminine queen as well as the man king. A lot of men and women believe only 1 king and one queen"principle" the colony, but the fact is that there could be many pairs of kings and queens in a colony which are accountable for creating offspring. In the peak of reproduction, a queen could create as much as two million eggs in 1 day, and that's why it's very important to employ an effective way of pest management as soon as possible.

Even though the reproductive sub-group accounts for incorporating new life to the colony, the worker termites are responsible for locating food to the colony, keeping food and keeping the nest. Depending upon the species, the employee termite might also be responsible for protecting the colony.

The worker termites are those most commonly found in infested timber. Even though the employees are often blind, they're extremely proficient in producing and maneuvering through complex tunnel systems.



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