Divide IT Into The Following Major Segments

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However, if you are embarking on a strategic cost-cutting journey, it is a good idea to break IT down into three main groups:-

Increase the value of your hardware and software:- As tempting as it is to forgo the purchase of new hardware and software upgrades during Lent, in most cases, it makes more economic sense to keep technology up to date even in a recession. 

Since most hardware products only have a three-year factory warranty, if the policies aren't violated, don't fix them. This often increases the total cost of ownership (TCO) to a much higher level than if the hardware was replaced more frequently.

Increase the value of existing supplier agreements:- A thorough evaluation of existing supplier agreements almost always shows many ways to save costs without sacrificing quality. 

In many cases, for example, renting out your computer hardware, copier, and software can significantly increase cash flow. The case that companies are renting out their information technology in a downturn is quite convincing. 

First, today's technology has a very limited shelf life. However, you don't have to bear this depreciation. Leasing companies offer lease rates of up to 6 percent and even include all associated fees for software (eg installation services) in their contracts.


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