Crepe Maker – Create Crepes in a Jiffy

Crepe makers are the best choice for making smooth, even crepes that are difficult to make with regular pans. 

These handy kitchen appliances come with heating elements that have non-stick griddles so you can use the griddles to spread your batter. Many griddles made from die-cast aluminum are faster heating and easier to clean.

Choose your crepe maker

You can use crepe makers on your stovetop or as a standalone unit. The electric crepe machine is also available, which is typically more expensive but offers greater convenience for commercial establishments. You can buy professional crepe makers via

8 Best Crepe Makers Best Crepe Pans

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The base acts as the heating element and they look like an inverted pancake. The electric crepe maker works by placing the batter on the griddle using a spatula. After it has been heated, you can let it sit.

The stovetop crepe machine has a convex grid that is placed above a concave container. The crepe maker works by heating the griddle over the stove, then dipping the spoon into the batter to make the crepe. Finally, the crepe is returned to the stove to cook the second side.

Both size and time are important

When choosing a crepe maker, ensure that the heating time is fast and that the crepes can be kept warm. You will also need heating controls to set the ideal temperature.

Many crepe-maker models can heat up in under a minute, but stay hot for long enough to keep your crepe warm.

A large griddle is a must for crepe makers that allow you to make different sizes of crepes. For homes, a ten-inch griddle will work well. Larger griddles are better for people who love crepes.

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