Canada ‘Needs’ Immigrants As Much As Immigrants Need Canada

Two or three decades ago, people emigrating from India were rare. It was a little more popular a decade ago, but only about 15-20% of India’s population have relatives abroad. Now nearly 40-50% of Indians have some or other relative living abroad. Today, rumors about husbands, aunts, uncles, parents, children, nephews living outside India are widespread.

Whether they are getting a better salary for their hard work, having a better lifestyle, or simply enjoying the work and culture of living in a far country, there are several reasons why people emigrate from India. But what could be the reason for the country receiving so many immigrants? However, you can also get services from reliable companies such as CanadianImmigrationServices to achieve your immigration better, fast, and easily.

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The reason the country accepts immigrants:

There are various reasons for a country to allow or even encourage immigration to some extent. However, there are three main reasons for this:

Lack of qualified professionals:

In an ideal world, every country has qualified personnel for every region of its country. However, this is not the case. Every country faces labor shortages in one sector or another and sometimes there are jobs where certain groups of people can perform better than others. This is one of the main reasons every country accepts immigrants.


Countries that choose migrant workers are usually the number one country in the world. Hiring outside skilled or professional workers, especially from third world countries, is much more economical for these countries than hiring local people. Most large companies and industries prefer to move their employees from other countries. This saves a lot of money spent on recruiting and training new employees. However, people also take help from immigration consultant Toronto: immigration to Canada with the reliable completion of required documents and application process.

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Economic Growth:

Since immigration is a mutually beneficial structure for both the applicant and the country, each country chooses immigrants who belong to areas of study they lack – mostly skilled workers. These skilled workers, in turn, not only help the companies they work for but also make an excellent contribution to the economic growth of the host country. However, there is one other fact that is fast emerging as the main reason the country accepts immigrants and that is the “aging population”.