Best Practices When Using Shopify Collections

What are Shopify Collections?

Shopify collections allow you to group products together to make it easier to show customers all products in a particular category. You could also create seasonal collections like the summer essentials or a collection of products that are all on sale. 

So that customers can quickly find the products they are interested in, you can give them a list of your collections. You can also set the Shopify collection filter by multiple tags on your collection.

shopify collection filter

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Best practices for Shopify collections

It is important to consider how you will group your products before setting up your collections. It can increase your revenue and save you energy and time later. 

These are some key points to remember when designing your Shopify collection.

 Remember to leave product reviews for Shopify collections

Online reviews are crucial to your success as an e-commerce merchant. Online reviews are trusted by almost 90% of shoppers. It's important to display reviews for products in your online store.

Eye-catching media can be added

It is important to consider how you will entice customers to view your collections. Linking to collections directly from your homepage is an effective way to attract customers. A Shopify collection image should be attractive and catchy to draw customers to a collection.

Enjoy the seasons

It is essential to properly set up your collections. However, it is equally important to update, modify, and remove your collections as needed. Add new collections to your store when it is convenient.

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