Benfits of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I found myself in a situation where I needed to find more information on how to strengthen my immune system in the face of a serious health condition. I could not easily find the information I needed. I know, the Internet is useful, but still, not everything you can find, believe, or trust.

So this article will be more of a go-to place for everything I compiled on organic extra virgin coconut oil. I found some articles and some research studies (I did everything possible in medical journals and popular books) for its health benefits. I found articles and studies, where this oil is praised for its ability to prevent disease and strengthen the immune system. In our (Western) culture, this oil is used in hospitals to feed patients with digestive problems and malnutrition (absorption of nutrients in certain diseases). It is also used in baby formulas. To know more about raw coconut oil, you may visit Ostro-organics.

People use it for weight loss, hypothyroidism, haircare, skincare, stress relief, maintenance of cholesterol levels, increased immunity, proper digestion, relief from kidney problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, dental care, bone strength, joint problems. and cancer. Coconut oil was also used for cooking.

What are the benefits of this? It is all the variety of benefits that include:

* Nutritional source

* Support and strengthening the immune system.

* Antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

* Fast power booster

* Inflammation reducer

* Stress manager

* Supports weight loss

* Helps in the management of diabetes and many more (skin, scalp, acne, hair …)

So far I am on the coconut oil regimen for about 3 months. I feel better, I have tons of energy, I don't feel lazy at all, I lost 12 pounds (this is a welcome site effect), and my cholesterol is down. I use organic extra virgin coconut oil. I like organic, but as far as I understand it is not important.

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