Asterix And Tintin: The Best Comic Books Of All Time

Asterix Comics, written by Rene Goscinny with illustrations by Albert Uderzo is a series French comic books first published in late 1950's. Uderzo assumed both these tasks after Rene's death and has been a major contributor to the book's popularity. Asterix, a smart little Gaul, is the main character in Asterix Comics. Obelix is his friend. 

Their little Gaulish village is the main focus of the story, which is not subject to Roman conquest. This is much to the dismay of Julies Ceaser the Roman Emperor. Thanks to Getafix, their druid who created a magic potion that gives the Gauls superhuman strength, they have managed to avoid being occupied so far. You can buy the best comic books via

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The magic potion gives villager superhuman strength. Obelix, who was born into the potion cauldron when he was a child, doesn't require it. It has a permanent effect and gives him the ability to use the magic potion. Asterix Comics, or The Adventures of Asterix and Obelix, have been translated into over 30 languages around the world and have received many awards. 

The Asterix Comics are my favorite comic for their sense of humor, tongue-in-cheek interpretations and witty observations of people and events. Tintin Comics, or The Adventures of Tintin as it is also known, was created by Georges Remi, a Belgian artist who used the name Herge. It's a collection of classic comic books that has gone on to be one of the most beloved comic books of all time. 

The book's popularity has grown rapidly with translations in over 80 languages being published and more than 350 million copies sold, according to Wikipedia. Tintin, a young Belgian reporter, is the main character in the comic books. Some recurring characters are also included in the books.


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