All You Need To Know About Special Needs Trust In Arizona

The special needs trust is a wealth planning tool that allows people with disabilities or functional needs to receive financial assistance without compromising the state benefits they receive.

There are many reasons why parents of children with special needs should plan their real estate carefully. You can learn more about the best special needs trust in Arizona via

special needs trust arizona

Fortunately, a planning tool called the Special Needs Trust (SNT) can provide parents with financial support for ongoing child care benefits without affecting their right to government assistance. 

SNT can be used to fund and supplement medical expenses, travel, entertainment, pet care, and other expenses that can significantly improve an addict's quality of life, especially in the future when their primary caregiver is away.

SNT's main goal is to be able to support future addicts without being excluded from government aid programs. Like many other types of trusts, trusts are protected from claims by creditors, including credit card companies, landlords, and other creditors. 

SNT's assets are monitored and invested by one or more trustees, which may include family members and other independent trusted professionals. In addition, with a third-party trust, the person setting up the trust usually has control over where all other funds go after the beneficiary dies.

The laws surrounding SNT and other potential solutions can be very complex, and the rules around social programs are constantly changing. Any error could jeopardize the beneficiary's access to state aid and thus be very expensive.

Planning ahead for the treatment of addicts with disabilities takes time, research, and patience. SNT played an important role in this planning process. By taking the time to find the best available options for your loved one, you can help maximize their quality of life and ensure they receive the care they need, both now and long after you can no longer receive it.


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