All You Need to Know About Countertop Materials in Austin

The question today is not what is on your countertop, but what your countertop is made of. At the moment my answer will be laminate, but I dream of the day I can say marble. Or maybe even recycled glass – really!

If marble is more your style than recycled glass, here are some traditional countertop options. (The innovative ones are below, so read on!). 

Laminate: As one of the cheapest options, lamination consists of several layers of paper that are heated and compressed. The color or pattern you see on the table is just the top layer. Fortunately, the colors, patterns, and design options for laminate countertops are nearly endless, so you can imitate the traditional stone look or go wild with color.

If you want to install a countertop in your home, then you can also hire countertop professionals in Austin TX.

granite and marble countertops

Ceramic floor: The glazed counter can hold hot pots and pans without burning and keep moisture from splashing around the sink. The variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of ceramic tiles make them ideal for adding style to your kitchen. Remember, a ceramic tile installation can be time consuming and expensive. And you have to work to keep the injection lines clean.

Natural stone: Granite, marble, and soapstone are the most popular choices for stone countertops. Natural stone has the advantage of being sturdy yet elegant and you can choose between polished, honed, fiery, or inverted finish. Note that most natural rock surfaces require regular compaction.

However, depending on the type chosen, the stone can be a very expensive option. To save money, consider stone tiles.

Hard surface: If you are not ready to transfer money for natural stone, the synthetic surface is similar to stone and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. It's non-porous and durable, but can scratch and burn (without placing a hot pan directly on the table as you can with real stone!).

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