All About of Aesthetic Medicine

A plastic surgeon who performs knife facelifts wants each client to look their best but isn't thinking much of a subtle transformation. The patient at his table wants instant results. They want to come out of the recovery period looking like a whole new person. They really don't want to waste time doing multiple procedures or using homemade products to stimulate a more gradual change process.

The benefit of Cosmetic Surgery is in the subtle change over time. It is in the ability to look younger in a very natural way. Instead of everyone talking about you behind your back because they can say they have done some work for you, you have people asking you what you are doing differently.

There is something different about you, but they cannot point it out. Did you lose ten pounds? Let your hair grow? Wax your eyebrows differently? They can go on guessing and guessing, but the subtle change that comes from good cosmetic procedures performed to perfection will never lead them to guess that you've had plastic surgery.

Today, many patients want it this way too. They don't want to go through the danger and pain of plastic surgery only to look like they've been sucked out of a wind tunnel and permanently disfigured. They don't want their skin to look stretched and manipulated.

They want simple beauty. Youth that looks natural and elegant. They just want to look in the mirror and feel that what they see is the best version of themselves that could exist. This only comes with gradual procedures over time, allowing subtle changes to occur at certain times.

This is exactly what the art of subtlety means in aesthetic medicine. It means getting more beautiful over time without artificial-looking results. It means making small changes that are noticeable but in a very subtle and indirect way. Over time, those small changes lead to an amazing transformation.

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