A Brief Overview About Riverside Solar Panels

Small solar panels are an option for those who aren't confident about making a big investment in solar power systems. They are less expensive than larger panels and they have a lower power rating.

These panels can be used to introduce solar energy to homeowners who don't want to fully solarize their homes. By installing High-efficiency Riverside solar panels, you can lower your energy bills.

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Small Panels Are Great for Remote Areas

Another common use of small-sized solar panels to power off-grid cabins or lodges is for their energy efficiency. This low-cost, low-maintenance method allows you to keep a backup battery bank fully charged so that several DC appliances can be powered. 

Free Sun Power shows an 800-watt system with eight 100-watt panels that are very similar to the Grape Solar Kit. Several 150-watt panels can be used to provide emergency power backup. This depends on the power required. 

Smaller panels are used for outdoor accessories like security lights, electric fences, and water fountains. Even smaller are the solar panels used to power solar cell phone chargers and solar vent fans. Many backpacks, messenger bags, and laptop cases now have built-in solar panels that can charge your mobile phones. Every day, small-scale solar living gains momentum!

Mini Solar Panel Kits

Grape Solar 880 Watt system is an example of a small-sized solar panel kit that can be used to create a "starter" system for homeowners. These types of kits are more commonly used by boating enthusiasts and recreational vehicle owners to charge their battery banks and power appliances and onboard components.

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