3 Major Steps To Follow For e-Learning Development Process

With the many moving components, e-Learning projects are complicated. Lack of clarity at the beginning of a breakdown during the process along the way can result in a project falling apart. 

However, if you adhere to an established and documented process for developing e-Learning everyone involved will be aware of what the current state of the project is and what is to be expected. You can also hop over here the-clinx.com/elearning to know about e-learning module development.

1. Project Launch

This is the first step during which the client and production company get together to discuss the specifics of the plan. If the meeting is not in person or video conferences can bring everyone in one place.

In the course of meetings, the parties need to define the roles of each participant in the project. There should be a single contact point on both sides. In addition, the lead for the client is an expert in the field who is in contact with companies involved in the project.

2. Instructional Design

After the kick-off talks, The production crew will be equipped with all data they require to begin work.

In the course of designing an instructional program during the instructional design phase, the script and storyboard documents are created in order for clients to read. Storyboards can be a great method of assessing how the different elements including text, graphics animation, video, audio hyperlinks, references, and activities are interconnected.

3. Location Production

In this stage, the camera crew is mobilized to capture the original content. In accordance with the production and budget, the phase could be necessary or not. Larger projects typically use various media, including interviews, video drone content, drones as well as 360 VR, and still photography to aid in the learning results.


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