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Everything That You Need To Know About 3D Printing

3D printing is a fascinating technology that has influenced the world in some way, and will continue doing so.

This technology has the power to save lives, provide powerful tools, change the way products are made, change the way product development testing is done, and bring manufacturing to virtually anyone with a computer and basic modeling skills.

3D printing technology is useful for someone who wants to manufacture, make, build, or design products.The connotation for manufacturing is the difficulty to do it, and the need for strong logistics to bring it all together.

This is somewhat a thing of the past now, due to 3D printing. There is really only one significant need when a person is thinking about manufacturing through 3D printing. That need is a 3D model. If the person can design on the computer, or get an artist to design for them – 3D printing is accessible. 

7 Amazing Real-World Examples Of 3D Printing

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What can be done by this technology? That is an incredibly vague question, because 3D printing can do pretty much whatever you need it to. There are well over 100 materials to choose from, so your needs can likely be filled.

People are manufacturing pieces in plastics, metal, flexible material, full color material, chemical resistant, materials heat resistant materials, wax materials for casting, etc. There are so many materials to choose from and so many methods. If you can design it, there is a high chance that it can be made.

People are creating jewelry, special tools for engineering, character models & art, marketing diagrams, parts applying to the military and aerospace industry, and medical applications. There really isn’t a limit to what 3D printing can touch.